Green Screen FAQ


Green screen is a technique by which foreground elements, like people, can be separated from the background and then composited against a new background. The people are shot against a saturated color backdrop. Though the backdrop can be ANY color, blue or green are commonly used because there is less blue or green in human flesh tones.

Is Green Screen right for my event?

Green screen photography may NOT be suitable for every type of event such as outdoor events where ambient light (sun) is stronger than our studio strobes making it difficult to control drop out. We also offer stock photo printed backgrounds, and colored muslin backgrounds as well. Give us a call and to see what might be the best solution for your event.

How do we find the background choice we want?

We have a large library of backgrounds, however if you don't see one that fits your theme we can create a custom background just for your event.

How long does it take to set-up a green screen photo stations?

We typically set-up one in a half hours before each event but there are other variables that may require us to setup earlier.