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Dance Heads

If you want to create an event your client's and guests will never forget then Dance Heads is just the right choice!

Dance Heads is the hottest event entertainment sensation that keeps guests of all ages entertained and asking for more.

From smaller more intimate celebrations to larger corporate gatherings we will make your next event come alive. Great for trade show!

Dance Heads appeals to the masses, young or old, the conservative or the uninhibited; your prospective clients will crowd around your booth for the chance to make their own Dance Heads DVD compliments of your company.

Wherever it's booked Dance Heads creates an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from event guests. No one has ever seen anything like it!

Each DVD copy or download produced is seen by approximately 47 people in a 3-month period. 100% of the 90-second video is watched from beginning to end and at least 87% watch the videos 3 times or more in a sitting.

Fortune 500 Companies are taking advantage of the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response Dance Heads has on crowds of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, or social status.